Sunshine State Solar Grid Initiative (SUNGRIN)

The final report for this project can be downloaded at the following link:

Final Report

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What is SUNGRIN?

US Department of EnergyThe Sunshine State Solar Grid Initiative (SUNGRIN) is a five-year project funded under the DOE Solar Energy Technologies Program (SETP)Systems Integration (SI) Subprogram, High Penetration Solar Deployment Projects. SETP is focused on understanding and removing the regulatory, technical, and economic barriers to integrating high penetration of solar electricity into the electric grid. Increasing the growth of grid-tied solar photovoltaic systems; accelerating the placement of these systems into existing and newly designed distribution circuits in the electrical grid; and supporting the mission to increase widespread commercialization of clean solar energy technologies.

The goal of the SUNGRIN project, which started in Spring 2010, is to gain significant insight into effects of high-penetration levels of solar PV systems in the power grid, through simulation-assisted research and development involving a technically varied and geographically dispersed set of real-world test cases within the Florida grid.

SUNGRIN Project Objectives

  • SUNGRIN logoTo better understand solar variation in Florida
  • To address the impacts on the distribution and transmission grid of high penetration levels of PV, assisted by high-fidelity simulation tools and approaches
  • To improve availability of validated models for the stakeholder community
  • To develop converter and control system solutions, de-risked through hardware-in-the loop lab testing and field demonstration, to enable successful integration of high levels of PV
  • To improve awareness and understanding, within the stakeholder community and among the general public, of solar PV potential, challenges and opportunities

SUNGRIN Partners


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For more information about the SUNGRIN initiative, contact:

Dr. Roger McGinnis at the Florida State University, Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS).